Monday, May 10, 2010

graffiti - Dunedin

 is that not some of the coolest graffiti ever?
i love how this art morphs into the actual greenery so effortlessly. 

no I am not in Dunedin anymore, but I really wanted to post those pictures. :) so there you go.
brief update. we are in the north island now. Joe has found work packing kiwi fruit near Katikati, and Jak is working at Spa Lodge Backpackers, in Rotorua, in exchange for accommodation. Rotorua is an amazing geothermal basin in the middle of an old volcano, unfortunately because of all the geothermal activity, Rotorua is famous for it's evil eggy smell that permeates everything in the town.

(ps. Tony Roo, you wouldn't believe what movie I found at the Warehouse (the Warehouse is like Fleetfarm)...are you ready for this? Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!)