Friday, May 24, 2013

Cinque Terre

We went to one of the most beautiful places in Italy, the Cinque Terre (Five Lands), five fishing villages on the coast of Italy. A train system connects the villages, but also hiking trails. 
 The three days that we were there, four of the village trails were closed, so we were taking the train to the villages. This is Riomaggiore village.
 In a wondrous beachy dream. :)
I and Hannah also in a sunshiny wonderland.
 Oh man, imagine getting to your house by ladder. Imagine fitting your new IKEA chair into your house, by LADDER! This is in the village of Monterosso.
 So we hiked the trail, winding between vineyards and lemon trees. The scent was amazing! The weather was moody but delightful when the sun decided to show.
 The village of Vernazza seen from the trail.
 Vernazza as we descended into it via alleys that barely fit a whole person at some points.
 An excellent lunch eaten by the ocean. A delightful halfway point in our day of hiking.
 I went off alone, and discovered this hidden beach that is reached through a tunnel! (okay so it probably isn't hidden, but it felt really special cuz no one was there but me.)
I was the only one who saw these particular waves crash into this particular piece of beach. I also sat on a rock near the ocean for a while until suddenly a massive wave came way up the beach and completely soaked me! Luckily I was wearing my backpack on my back and facing the ocean, so my stuff didn't get wet but wow... :)
 Coastline view of Vernazza as we headed back to Monterosso.
 This just seems so unreal, so beautiful and so unusual. This is also on the trail heading back.
 A delicious cone of fried calamari and shrimps.
 Yupe, unique signage.
 Ruthiey and Hannah in Riomaggiore.
 Nighttime view of Riomaggiore.

Down the coast, still in Riomaggiore. This was well worth the trip to see these villages and enjoy the natural wonders here. The Cinque Terre receives my full endorsement as an excellent place to relax and see amazing things. The ocean is worth a dip as well, even if it is accidental. >_<

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