Tuesday, July 6, 2010

treks and elephants - and slurfs!

All my momma and poppa and baby water bottles that have collected as I drank half of one and then it got warm so I bought a new one, and then mixed the cold with the warm and drank half of it. etc.
Jak fruit! :P
Baby tigers, awwwww
 durch den monsun
Orchid Garden had a pretty waterfall
Treked up a very high mountain and this is what we saw from the top. We stayed overnight in a hill tribe village.
 Next day we hiked back down the mountain and went to an elephant training camp. Slurf I learned is the Dutch word for trunk, and those crazy elephant trainers could climb up onto the elephant by slithering up the slurf. :P
Stayed overnight in the elephant camp.
The camp was full of rice fields and we got to see how they process rice after it gets harvested.
The Long Necks.
From left to right, Marianne, little long neck girl, momma long neck, Jurien and me.
She had to be the most unnatural looking woman of them all. She looked a little bit like a bug, cuz her legs and arms were so long and skinny and then her head is just the same.
This is so cool. My clothes were wet and smelly from the 3 day trek and I didn't want to wash them in the sink, so I took them to the 'dry cleaners' and it costed me about 2 dollars to get them washed dried and beautifully folded. They smelled so good! ahhh, life's little pleasures.


  1. Hi Hannah, (Mills girls here) What does Ja(c)k fruit taste like?
    What is "durch den monsun"?

  2. Hey there! :)
    Jack fruit is not as good as I thought it might be. :P it tastes a little bit like banana, but it has quite a tough texture and it has a nut inside of each little section.
    durch den monsun is a German song about a monsoon, like the very rainy season that happens in Thailand once a year. :)

  3. Hi hannah, Tepora here. When are you going to turn 20 ? why cant you drink the bottles when they are warm ?
    Hi Hannah, Hinemoa here where did you see the baby Tigers? How long dose it take to harvest rice? What is it like to stay in a mountain village?
    Hi Hannah, Maraea here. what church do you go to in Thailand?

  4. Hi Tepora - i will turn 20 on October 8th of this year. You can actually drink the water when it is warm, but because it is so hot here, it just makes you hotter instead of cooling you down, so I prefer cold water. :)
    Hi Hinemoa - I saw baby tigers at a place called Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, there were also big tigers but I didn't want to go in with them. :) I'm not sure how long it takes to harvest rice, but I know that different kinds of rice take different amounts of time. :) The mountain village has lots of huts on stilts off the ground and bamboo floors, they have to use mosquito nets inside over each bed because the walls have little holes in them. :)
    Hey there Maraea - one Sunday I went with my missionary friends to their Thai church, so it was kinda hard to understand! :) this week I went to an international church that speaks English. :)