Monday, August 2, 2010

Heaps cool as

We spent some time with the mills

It felt like being home because they were such a cool christian family.

We hung out in rotarua and saw some amazing geo-thermal activity.

I just thought this pic was heaps cool as.

Jak was very happy to be back in rotorua with the mills

And a cool lil movie.


  1. Yeah sure, you bet cha! ;) Fun having you guys...God willing we will again this side of eternity. Love from the Mills family

  2. Hi there, i had lots to catch up on.. was vacationing myself (Croatia), and didn't read your blog for a looong time. Great to learn about your adventures in Thailand. Interesting to get to know such an amazingly different culture. Enjoy your last weeks!

    Btw, isn't it great to ride on an elephant.. with his great slurf :-)