Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So we finally had a decent mid-morning flight instead of these super early morning flights. 
 Our last cappuccinos in Italy. The flight was about 1 1/2 hours long, and then we were in Amsterdam in the afternoon, and really hungry from having skipped lunch.
 So after we dropped our bags off we went to a Thai restaurant in Amsterdam. We got the mixed appitizers. Yum!
 I got the 'warm chicken salad', not what it sounds like it would be, it was really good. :)
 Apparently we were all really hungry. Lots of clean plates here! :)
 Ahhhh! So beautiful! This city feels familiar because I've seen so many pictures and heard so much about my Dutch heritage from my mom, Aunties and other relatives.
 So many bikes... We have to learn a new way of crossing the streets, considering the many bikes lanes.
 Tulip market!
 More bikes. Many of them are basically cars, with child seats, large grocery carriers, and extra seats for friends.
 Evening walks by the tram lines.
 And the evening light off the water.
From the public library the view of Amsterdam is amazing!
 We had to do a cheese tasting, so we got 4 cheeses, crackers, grapes, and cranberry juice to drink with them.
 We had photo sessions in the park.

And waffles for dinner. :P Mine had Smufen Ice Cream (Blue, Bubble-gum flavored) and whipped cream on it. 

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