Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scotland and Ireland with the original Joe.

Joseph and I met up in Glasgow, Scotland after I and Ruthiey split up in Amsterdam. She went to Prague and I went back to Glasgow. Joseph joined me for a two week trip. 
 We headed to the Isle of Skye, to a town called Portree that we stayed in for 3 days. We went on a hike called the Old Man of Storr. This rather forlorn picture shows the view after logging has taken place before the reseeded trees grow in.
 The brave mountain climber! This guy is the best to hike with, he is so gung ho. I had trouble keeping up with him even after all my previous hiking experiences.

 I couldn't help but feel that I was in an alien land with scenery like this.
 We went on another hike the next day called the Quiraing, which was suppose to somehow be a loop or have an exit somewhere, but we ended up blazing a trail across the moors until we hit the highway again.
We are going to call our book: Epic Self-Made Adventures of the Mapless Hiker. :P
 Joseph. :)
 The little lake below looks almost black from so far up. Or maybe it is a peaty bog of oil and coal that is highly flammable. :P
 This was my favorite hike on my entire trip, so beautiful and excellent. :)
 As we left the Isle of Skye on the bus, this crazy beautiful place will always haunt my imagination in the best way.
 We went back to Edinburgh, in the SUNSHINE, what a crazy thing! it was gorgeous.
 I got this puzzle ring, which comes apart into 4 interlocking rings that then fit back together into this thing. :) coolest thing I've gotten anywhere.
 Joseph's photography skills. Serious skills and a seriously beautiful city to practice them on.
                                          We got Froyo. :)  
And went to the park in Edinburgh to watch cricket and people watch after our Froyo. :) 

Then we went back to Glasgow and then flew to Dublin for a week in Ireland. We only stayed in Dublin one night and then left early that next morning by bus for Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher. 
 Joseph made an excellent pasta dinner once we got to Doolin, Ireland.
 The next day we set off on the same hike that Ruthiey and I did back in March, the weather now was absolutely lovely and insanely warm and calm. What a change from last time! If you didn't catch the shots of the terrible weather before you can find them here.
 We got an IRISH sunburn, go figure.
 My handsome and lovely brother, looking out from Hags Head, the middle point of our there and back hike.
 On the way back we trekked down to the surfing beach and went wading in the ocean. About 8 people followed our example and soon our deserted beach was no longer deserted.
 We decided to go sea kayaking, so got up early on our last day in Doolin to hit the water.
 Wet suits rock, even if you don't particularly need to be wearing them. :P
 Our guide, Patrick, who told us his life story about his Canadian wife and their cross cultural relationship issues and his crazy trips to Australia and Morocco for surfing adventures. Wow, what a life!
In Doolin, outside our hostel, having a relaxing tea time before our bus was due to arrive. We flew out the next day for Minneapolis. What an excellent way to end my adventures, I had a very relaxing couple weeks with Joseph. Thanks for coming big brother! 

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