Monday, April 12, 2010

Dunedin - New backpacks, new beaches, new nightlife.

Hey everybody! Sorry there haven't been posts. There wasn't any wifi for a pretty decent stretch, plus we are lazy. haha. so first an overview/update of our latest adventures.
We went from Punakaiki back to Christchurch (New Brighton again), and from Christchurch to Geraldine (where much of Lord of the Rings - Helms Deep battle, etc. was filmed) where we worked at a white water rafting lodge. The first day we showed up they let us go on a 3 hour rafting trip. Absolute amazing and worth about 200.00, which we got for free!! Super nice host family, Tussock - former guide for rafting, now he runs the lodge, and his wife Alex, with their 3 children who we hung out with and taught how to make pizzas. After our week their, we caught the bus to Cromwell, a very small town in the middle of nowhere, well actually I think it's the Otago area, but anyways, next morning we went to Alexandra and then (same day) on to Roxburgh, where we worked at an apple orchard. We picked apples, packed apples, and did a bit of gardening, and woodcutting (mostly Joe of course, :P
We left this morning, (the 12th) and arrived in Dunedin around 1:30pm. We hit the grocery store and then on to our hostel. We plan to stay in Dunedin for a while, since it is a beautiful city and we are getting a little tired of moving around so much. This afternoon we went to a sporting goods store and finally purchased our hiker backpacks. 50 liter packs - black, both of them. unfortunately they only had one in stock (we both fell in love with the price and the look of the same pack) so we will be staying here at least until wednesday or thursday for the second pack to come in from Christchurch.
We will probably be making the loop down around the bottom of the South Island before heading up to the North Island. We hope to be on our way into the North Island by the end of April. It's getting quite cold and rainy on the South Island, but apparently it's still looking quite nice up on the North Island. :)
Anyways, Joe will shortly be posting a picture blog, so look out for that!

Love you all,

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