Monday, April 19, 2010

paraglidng in Queenstown

Before anyone can ask, no there are no pictures, cuz the guy decided to go and forget the camera just before lift off.
But - it was amazing! I think I want to learn how to paraglide by myself. So at 10:30 this morning they picked me up from the hostel and we drove out of town about 20 km. up on top of a very steep hill we went, and then came running down again, and as we ran the wind lifted us up and off our feet. The actual air time was about 10 minutes, but the view was amazing, it's a very clear day today and the wind is pretty strong so it was a great ride. Then around 12:00 we headed back into Queenstown and I went back to the hostel to eat my marmite, plum jelly, and cracked pepper cheese sandwich.
Anyways, Joe is on a hike, the Routeburn track, with some guys we met in Invercargill. He is coming back this evening, and he has been gone since Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. :)
We will likely be leaving Queenstown tomorrow or the next day, heading for Franz Josef and then up the rest of the West Coast.

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  1. Hi there! Paragliding sounds exciting! Something I'd still like to do.. some day.. ;-) Are you guys coming back to Nelson at all you think? If so, please feel free to contact my friends. Bye! Marjanne