Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pics and such.

So we've been think that it might be more fun if we gave you all some info with these pics rather than just dumping tons of pictures onto the blog...
Hannah getting geared up for white water rafting!!!!
Look at that face!
All set to hit some 'sweet as!' rapids.
Beautiful lake wanaka.
Chilling by lake wanaka.
Little green river we past.
St. Paul's in Dunedin.
And the town hall.(If you notice it's always rainy here.)First church.

The train station.
(And my happy face right after getting a great deal on a great new pack!!)

Ya about that....?!?


  1. Man, that's a friendly notice.

  2. ya i don't know what it means??

  3. Joe, ya need a shave and a haircut... :) Looks like fun tho!