Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dublin take 2 and goodbye to Ireland

The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. - Thomas Moore
Our best cup latte and hot chocolate since we have come here, came from a random cafe that mainly services an apartment complex. So perfect. :) 
I cooked this beautiful fish in butter and lemon. I was quite proud of it and it was delicious. (secretly I did look up how to cook it on youtube.) We had bought ourselves 2 fillet of Hake from Wrights in Howth and the fishmonger threw in a whole huge lemon for free. That was literally the first time in my life that I spoke to a fishmonger, he had super good advice!
Ruthiey made creamed cauliflower and lightly steamed snap peas for sides. 

 Howth was beautiful, again thanks Wendy for the advice to get out here! We went there for the day on the train.
Ruthiey said to me: "Look Jak, the ocean, trains, AND graffiti, how much better could it get?"
 Back in Dublin on Sunday we met up with Hannah B. and her friend Adrienne. (Adrienne is on the left and she is really cool, from Indiana, but she is living and working in Ireland for a couple years)
After church we went out for lunch to the Elephant & Castle Cafe.
 I got the Elephantburger which has curried sour cream poured all over it, sooooo delicious and unusual.
 We got to go on a free tour to Kilkenny and Glendalough because the hostel we were staying in had extra room in their tour bus. :D This was yesterday. This photo above is of the Wicklow mountains, it was a bit foggy but warmer and NO rain!
 By Glendalough, where Excalibur was filmed and lots of other films. It is a beautiful little lake. Me and Ruthiey said to each other that back home we never would travel just to see a little lake with 10,000 of them in a state there is no need to travel! It would be in your backyard. Though not with such an epic backdrop.
 We also found this sign. Some very clever person scratched in on the top of it: This is Jesus.
We went and saw Kilkenny Castle, which had massive beautiful ground and gardens for walking in. 
 Hard to believe how old all these castles are! And this one is modernized on the inside, which is even cooler.

So this is our journey so far in Ireland. We flew to Scotland today and said farewell to Dublin in the fog. Next post will be all about Glasgow and Edinburgh. :)


  1. Oh prettiness. :) Man, you guys are making me so hungry...

  2. Wow I cannot believe how much you saw of Ireland!! Love reading your blog and looking at the pictures! Yummy looking dinner you girls made :) Continue to have fun!