Monday, April 15, 2013

Edinburgh and St Andrews

We arrived in Edinburgh in the clouds again, the sunshine was left behind in Glasgow. :P We decided to hike up to Arthur's Seat to see a view of the city. 

 It was a bit hazy over the city, but really fun to get up high enough to see the sea in one direction and Edinburgh city in another and the countryside from yet another.
 This stone, which is the highest point, is maybe Arthur's actual seat. Who knows? I was just know I was smug to have arrived on top of it. :)
 A view from the hills, down at Hannah and Ruthiey admiring the epic scenery.
 A very friendly jogger offered to take several photos of us all.
 Then Hannah worked on her navigation skills and mapped us a route back to the city using this chart that neither me nor Ruthiey could read! It was very impressive. :P
 In the city, lots of really impressive buildings and bridges.
I liked these two pieces of artwork, they seem to have a similar theme. 
 Edinburgh is a very neat city. We only spent a few days there, but Scotland seems like it has so much more to offer in terms of hikes, coastal walks, islands, everything.

 Hannah and I went to St Andrews, a little university town where the game of golf was first played and the beach in Chariots of Fire (the opening scene, where they are running) is there as well.
 So of course we had to do some running shots on the beach. :P
 The ruins of the St Andrews castle, which is half as big as the St Andrews ruined Cathedral! I guess we can figure where their priorities lay.
The Cathedral. Apparently the people of St Andrews went and ransacked it after a powerful sermon from John Knox in a nearby church.  
 We spontaneously decided to go on a coastal walk, so this is St Andrews from way down the coast.
 Hannah forging ahead on the trail. We met an old guy and a young guy who together had started at the other end of the trail 4 hours ago and they still had an hour to get to St. Andrews, very impressive for the old guy especially!
 Unfortunately since it was spontaneous we didn't get to do very much of the trail and we headed back after about a hour.
One last view of St Andrews and the sea. I loved St Andrews, it felt somewhat familiar due to many viewings of Chariots of Fire, which me and Ruthiey rewatched last night and experienced it again in a whole new way as adults. (that was a favorite childhood film) We have crossed the border into England now and tomorrow we will be taking the bus all day to London.

Listening to: Vangelis Chariots of Fire theme

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