Wednesday, April 24, 2013

London and Oxford

We have been in London for the past week, touring and doing some of the many epic things that are possible in this amazing city. 
 going on yet another free tour, this one was fun, Buckingham Palace is in the background, this is after we watched the changing of the guard.
 Trafalgar Square, always full of people. The weather has been beautiful, sunny and warm. T-shirt weather finally! And we are hearing of blizzards back home, it makes us very thankful for the warmth!
The Thames
 Again, the Thames and the Parliament buildings and the Elizabeth tower that houses Big Ben (the bell)
 London is so huge and has so many things to do and see, I can't help but feel that we have only brushed the surface of what is possible.
 We went up into the sixth floor of the Tate Modern Museum to take photos of the city in the evening.
 This is like the free version of being in the London Eye, which is like a huge ferris wheel for good views of the city.
 We went walking along the river on one of our last nights in the city with Hannah's friend Dominic who was a very excellent host and also showed us around his city and helped us make good use of our time there. :) Thanks Dominic!
 He also took this photo of the four of us. Hannah's sister - Grace - is with us for 10 days total. She is second from the left.

We went to Oxford for a day and a night. And saw our friends from Canada again (we met up with them in Edinburgh Scotland for coffee one morning as we were passing out of the city), randomly we met them on the street again. It makes this world feel very small to meet people you know in another country!
 I went walking early in the morning along the Thames but a much smaller version than in London, lots of horses and cows and river boats. Oxford was not what I expected but it was really peaceful and beautiful.
 Riverboats again, I know we have this also along the Mississippi River. This just seems like such a relaxing and fun way to live life.
 I feel that life in a boat would ignite the imagination, but maybe it would just seem natural if you lived this way your whole life, I don't know. :)
 I met this snail, who I named Samuel Nottingham.
 Later on in the day, we went on another walk along the river again, ate lunch sitting on a wall overlooking this view. So beautiful.
It took Grace 3 hours to complete this intricate woodwork. :P No, but it took someone quite a while. It was a good break to spend a day in Oxford. Then we took the bus back to London and saw Les Miserables at Queens Theatre. We were so excited! It was a great performance and it was fun to get dressed up, ride the Tube and see a show in London. These are experiences I will never forget.

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