Thursday, April 11, 2013

Glasgow Sunshine

We flew in on Tuesday in the early morning, leaving Dublin in a fog and coming into bright beautiful sunshine in Glasgow. We went to George Square to eat our lunch from LIDL. which is like ALDI only better with fresh bakery items! yummy! 

I like Hannah's regal but somewhat confused expression in this picture. Also not sure what Ruthiey was doing, but she definitely was impressed by that seagull on the head of the statue in the background. 

 Outside St. Mungo's church, we found this great statue of David Livingstone and were reminded all over again that he was a Scotsman.

 and that he died in Africa. What an inspiring and amazing missionary he was!
I felt very small with all the historic buildings around us, there is so much history and oldness here that you just don't get in the States, it being such a young country.

We found the original Doctor Who police boxes, they really are this color. :) Our expressions don't match because I didn't get the memo we were posing for an Doctor Who tv show advertisement poster! Nice one Hannah. :D
 Our hostel room was on the 9th floor and the lift was mostly broken and only worked occasionally  so we got a serious work out going up the stairs, but when we reached our room this was the view that rewarded us. So worth it!
  I met this guy, William, in Princes Square, where he was selling styling service coupons to people passing by. I refused the coupons but we started talking and then ended up having a nice chat about life. I love chance meetings that end up brightening my day. :) He told me that the world should all be friends. Totally true.
From out of our hostel window again at dusk.


  1. Great post Jak! Wow I loved the last picture

  2. Yay police box! (Although it looked like someone just took the paint and slapped it on carelessly, sadface.)

    That is one awesome night-time view from your hostel. Wow.

  3. Ugh! This back so many happy memories! I want to be there with you!! Glad you are enjoying Scotland - you'd have to work really hard NOT to enjoy it!