Thursday, March 4, 2010


We landed in Sydney at 6:35 am. Everything was super expensive, the train tickets costed 56 AUS dollars, which are worth about the same as US dollars. We wandered around the Sydney Opera House and decided to go on the ferry to Watson's Bay. We had 8 dollars left, not enough to get the famous fish and chips at Doyle's on the dock. :(
We were very exhausted and after walking around some more looking for wifi or coffee or anything that didn't cost more then 3 dollars. Eventually we decided to go to the airport and check in for our flight, but unfortunately we couldn't check in until 1 1/2 hours before our flight left which was at 7:05. So we went and sat on seats in the office section and ate random sushi that costed far too much.
It was a 3 hour flight to NZ, but we also gained 2 hours on the way over, so it was 12:05 am before we arrived in Christchurch.
Another post will follow shortly about our adventures so far in NZ.


  1. Huzzah! You made it safe and sound!

  2. So I had a dream that I was riding a bus down an alley in Australia with you guys. First we passed a bunch of crashed cars and tons of cops. Then we almost ran over a couple peacocks, and then a pair of bulls charged the bus and knocked it over but it magically righted itself. Then we found ourselves in this dark, creepy room that had screens for walls. kinda like a simulator room. And they kept scaring us with emaciated, evil looking dudes coming at us from all directions including the ceiling.