Saturday, March 20, 2010

Te Nikau Hostel

Our journey to the other edge of the world has so far been very interesting, stressful and entertaining.
it seems like much much longer then 3 weeks have passed since we left. Books and volumes could be written
about the beautiful places we have seen so far. 
It seems to me that our life before is a million miles away and very unfamilar. I am trying to remember that
I had a job back home, and friends (not that they are forgotten, just suddenly they all have facebook faces to
me), my's crazy to think that they are so far away, doing normal everyday things.
I do have time now to back up and look at the big picture of my life and those around me. What I want to
do when I get back...What other possiblities are there out there in the future?
Living at the present in a lush rainforest by incredible beaches and dangerous, fascinating coastlines makes
God seem much bigger, and most definitely in total control of this world.
One thing I have learned from working at this hostel in Punakaiki is that you will find difficult people to work
with where ever you go. Getting sick so soon after arriving in NZ was annoying to say the least, but since I am now feeling much better, I am seeing what a difference feeling sick it makes to the quality of work.
The nearest 'shop' is 3 km away and is not even a shop, it's a overpriced cafe with a 'wee' shop inside.
Our coworkers and flat mates are 4 others at the moment, all in their 20's. Natasha and her boyfriend Moritz, both German. She is 24 and he is 21. Venus, 24 or 26, who is Malaysian. And Primosh, 24, who is Slovenian and working on his thesis for school. Very awesome people, and they love the card game Mao, which we have played almost every evening since we arrived.

This place reminds us of Riven and Myst. Even the bird calls (Weka birds) sound similar to the game.

Also the beaches are dangerous. of course we went swimming.


  1. It is great to hear that God has placed you in a position to examine your life. What a beautiful location to do so as well. It is when you are away from everyone, away from the noise, away from the world...where you will find that quiet place to clearly to hear the pleasant voice of God. Experiences like that will most definitely put your life into perspective.

  2. hi there up uh.. down in paradise! the place looks beautiful. good to hear you found some work to do and a place to stay. take care and God speed.

  3. Wow, it is super beautiful down there! The rain forest does remind me of Exile... Good analogy. I love you kids!

  4. Please take the time to check out the stars, though I doubt you have missed them if you were out at night. I suspect that they are much brighter and more numerous (like the children of Abraham, Gen 15:5) than they are back home. They should look a little different, too. Where's the Big Dipper? How about the Southern Cross? Am I mistaken, or is the sun going the wrong way in the sky? Oh well, enjoy and take in as much as you can.