Friday, March 5, 2010

Odd Cars, Trundlers, and Signage.

we went from the airport to New Brighton where we are staying.

we don't have this car in the US any one know what kind it is?

Emergency plan: run away?

soy fish, and non-cut sushi.
they have sushi everywhere here as well as fish and chips. another car I've never seen before.

It's takeaways not to-go.

Dad is there something you need to tell us?

O ya!

No shoping carts in NZ only Trundlers.
Also no parking lots only carparks.

once again what kind of car is this??

Ya about that...


  1. I see an Alfa Romero & Peugeot

  2. Like a place to get on a ferry.

  3. I believe the first car was Italian and second two are French if ownership has not changed since my childhood.
    No I have no castles... except this little home here in Minnesota.