Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Las Vegas - Los Angeles

Las Vegas is very 'interesting'. I wouldn't like to live there...
Anyways, it helps that we were there at 2 am. Just newly broke drunks and street cleaners were around. A couple walked by us and asked us if we smoked weed.
Also a man stood up and threw his beer bottle in front of another couple who were walking by. The woman jumped away from the shattered glass and screamed something in Spanish, but the man asked the drunk what was wrong, and what the deal was. The drunk kicked the bottle and stamped on it. It was safe to conclude that he was out of money. When we returned to the station with 5 minutes to spare on our bus leaving, Joe had gotten rid of his ticket stub. Jak got on the bus, thinking it would be easily taken care of. Unfortunately the bus driver and the security decided that Joe was trying to steal a free ride and detained him for several minutes while they tried to figure it out. Jak got back out and came to watch the drama. Finally after doubting the truth several more times, the security guard checked Joe's checked baggage which had the final destination written on the tag. Two somewhat flustered and relieved siblings got onto the bus again. Sleeping was much better for both on the second night.

It's two hours earlier here now then in MN, which makes it 3 hours + one day difference to NZ. Yay! We are now at LAX airport, waiting for our flight to leave for Australia this evening. 10:10 this evening.
We met an absolutely adorable woman from Australia, who is flying back to Melbourne tonight 2 hours after we leave for Sydney. She decided we must be writing a book because we spend so much time on the computer here at the airport. :o But we explained that we are getting our money's worth for our day pass of wifi that we bought after getting through security. We ordered some random dinner food from Burger King, and are trying to remember to drink plenty of water to jet lag a little later. Until we again find wifi... we will be busy trying to entertain ourselves in warm and beautiful cali. :)


  1. haha wow, I can't believe that they thought Joe was hitching a ride :P

  2. it sounds like you guys are having a blast! I'm so excited for you. And guess what? You're on the plane right now headed for NEW ZEALAND! Aww....I miss you guys! But I know you're going to have SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to read more!!!

  3. Hi Jak % Joe, good to hear! And great you're posting all these pics. Keep doing so. I am in for (your) adventure! Take care, BYE