Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nelson to Punakaiki

We arrived in Nelson this afternoon. It's very warm here and sunny. Joe seems to be feeling better, the past week he has been on the verge of getting sick, but it seems to be clearing up now. I (Jak)now have a sore throat and couldn't find my specific brand of contact lens solution at the pharmacies here.The one place that did have it was charging a freaking 62 bucks for 2 bottles. Not worth it, I figured at the time, but now that I ran out of solution last night, I'm rethinking if it is worth it or not... The hostel we slept in last night was very badly reviewed, but we figured it was cheap and we only needed one night. The  beds were rock hard and the nightlife carried on until 3 in the morning, the 2 cups of tea I had before bed didn't help me sleep either. Since our bus left at 7:15, we had to be up early and we ate breaky on the way. We cooked up some beef and cheese buns to eat for lunch on the way to Nelson. We stopped in Blenhiem for almost an hour, during which I tried to find cough drops or something, but no luck so far. We might go out on the town this evening to look for various things. The free wifi you can find almost anywhere in the States is basically unheard of here, even Starbucks charges by the hour. We have exactly 61 minutes of free internet here at the hostel. We will be leaving for Punakaiki tomorrow morning at 7:15am. We will be arriving in Punakaiki around noontime and we plan to spend several weeks working at a hostel there. Photos of the apparently amazing pancake rocks and other such wonders of the West Coast will follow in other posts soon. :)


  1. Whenever I think of a hostel, I think of the movies hostel!

  2. ahhh, scary! they aren't like that... haha