Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dingle and Cork

We went to the Dingle Peninsula for a few days. We were both pretty wiped from hiking the Cliffs of Moher so we took it easy in Dingle but we did see Fundie the Dolphin, a solitary dolphin who has been living in the bay for 29 years and really likes to swim with people and comes to say hi to them at all hours of day or evening apparently. :P 
We made sand art, it was cool. 

 We went to the beach and took pictures, but we didn't find the lighthouse we were half-heartedly searching for. instead we found this epic tower, below.
 It was in a field of cows. very impressive.
 Ruthiey made an incredible salad, with a hot topping of onions, peppers, brie cheese, and panchetta, and she fried up some flatbreads to go with it! YUMMY! :)
 Another shot for all the foodies out there. :P

 while on the subject of food, we also got ice cream from Murphy's in Dingle, they even make their own sea salt! I got Vanilla and Sea Salt ice creams and Ruthiey got Baileys Irish Cream and Keiran's Cookies ice creams. Very unusually and delicious.

We got to Cork, which was really a side thought, we were planning to go back to Dublin but then we decided to check out Cork. This is the best graffiti I have found yet, it makes me want to be in the wall, in the scene.
 This is the city of Cork

 It has a lot of canals running through it.
 St. Fin Barre's Church. Wow, the coolest church we'd seen so far. It is really gorgeous.

 We went to go see Blarney Castle. About 30 minutes by bus outside of Cork, so we packed a lunch and took the city bus there.
 It is a very impressive castle from the outside, but inside it is very dark and cold, like a prison. I would not like to live in a castle.
 Of course at the top of the castle a long line of smoochers were assembled. I didn't remember how gross I thought it would be to kiss a stone that hundreds maybe thousands of people before me had smooched and it probably hadn't been sanitized very often...
 This is Blarney House, which was way cooler looking than the castle, but unfortunately closed for remodeling or something. But anyways, not open to the public. The grounds around Blarney castle are nice and we took a stroll around for a while.
This rock is called Lion rock. I can actually see why they say that! Maybe my imagination is getting better. :P
 We went out for Indian food whilst in Cork. It was a fast food place, but sooooo yummy! We had enough leftover for the next day's lunch.
 We went about wandering at twilight on Maundy Thursday and photographed churches. All the old people were going off to church.
by Hannah Jak
Perfect twilight, all around.
Bright city, softly ignites.
A dream I'd lost, I've found.
Narrow lanes and street lights. 


  1. Beautiful picture of the church! Thanks for posting.

  2. That graffiti is BEAUTIFUL. Makes me wish there was more random art in life... Buildings are usually so uncolorful.