Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Explorations of Derry ~ Londonderry

I am being extremely PC by calling Derry ~ Londonderry by both its names. There is still a disagreement after many years about the correct name of the city. The Catholics/Republic of Ireland loyalists call it Derry and the Protestants/British 'Invaders' call it Londonderry. All this we learned in our excellent walking tour of the city. This is going to be a hodgepodge of random slices of our days spent in Derry city, which I'm going to call it just cuz that is easier and gets less irritated corrections from anyone.
 First of all, we were in an excellent hostel, that had 6 luxurious beds. Our previous hostel in Belfast was an 18 bed dorm and was freezing cold at all times. So this was a nice upgrade.
The view from the city walls over the 'Catholic' side of town. Derry is a city with the best example of well preserved city walls. They are a mile all around and 4 beautiful gates that can all be seen clearly from the center of town. 
 We crossed over the Peace Bridge, which was opened in 2011 as a connection point between the Catholics that mainly lived nearer the city and the Protestants who mainly live across the river.

 We also found some Excellent Graffiti underneath a highway crossing tunnel, and so of course I had to have it immortalized in photograph. :P They do have some cool graffiti in Derry.
 This is the really yummy dinner that Ruthiey made us: Spinach Salad with an invented dressing from our random ingredients that we had in the hostel. Also some pasta with ground pork and Edam cheese on top, which was my invention. We were very cheerful to be in Derry, which we both immediately loved. 
 Next morning, we decided to have an 'alone day' to just spend time with God and to reflect on the trip so far. This is the excellent and appropriate quote I found on my morning out and about.

 This is another view of the Peace Bridge and the varied weather, it was sunny but cool and windy.
But the next morning, the fog was as thick as we had ever seen it in our lives! That behind Ruthiey in the sky, is the SUN if you can believe it! 
 This is the Peace Bridge again, and the sun behind it.
 A delicate spiderweb is highlighted by the fog in beads of condensation. That was a magical morning in our very special city of Derry.


  1. Favorite post so far! BEAUTIFUL photos.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to taking more photos with YOU in them. :)

  2. Wow, those are some beautiful pictures. I was going to say the one with you and the graffiti was my favorite, but then the dewdropped spiderweb showed up. And they're both amazing...