Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting there - Dublin

Going away - this is my pack and this is my going away face. Jak off on an adventure with Tony Roo to Ireland. 

Joe drove me to the airport. He is awesome. 

MSP airport - terminal 1 
The clearing of the snow. I was delayed a few hours because of this and so even though my connecting flight in OHare was changed but flight out of OHare was not delayed and me and two couples (one old couple going to visit their daughter and 3 grandchildren in London and another couple doing one last trip before they have kids) had to run for the departing terminal in OHare. We just made it! Awesome!

 Finally in the bus terminal outside of London Heathrow Airport. Thankfully even though I was late for my National Express bus ticket (it was originally for 10:10 am) to Gatwick Airport they honored the ticket and changed it to the new time of 12:50 pm. I had a 30 minute wait, so I repacked and threw away trash and ate the rest of the dinner that my Mother packed for me yesterday for lunch. It was very yummy. Even though it was technically breakfast for me on home time.
Then I rode the bus to Gatwick airport and my flight didn't leave till almost 7pm so I had some hang out time.
This picture below is the bus ride through London countryside.

 Below, me eating dinner (lunch back home) of Grapenuts and milk from McDonalds at the Gatwick Airport.  I took a 2 hour nap, changed money into euros and wandered around until it was time for my flight to leave.
 My Aer Lingus flight at 6:50 last night. A 1 hour trip and I was in Dublin.
 It was raining of course and I went to several bus stations near the Dublin Airport until I found the 747 line into the city.
The view from my hostel room last night.

When I got in at 9 something I immediately saw Tony Roo sitting in the hostel dining room reading her Kindle and we got caught up on each other's trips. Then she told me our little niece had been born while we traveled! I was kinda mad that it had happened as we left, but God is in control of those situations. :) I'm thankful that the little one is healthy and well. Because we were in the dining room a group of 6 French men heard that we are aunties and they started cheering in French and kissing us and clapping and congratulating us.
It kinda put the whole stress of travel and arriving at a lower level. My brother and sister-in-law are going through way more crazy and life-changing things than I am!


  1. Yay! Sounds like you have already had so many adventures! Thanks for posting and can't wait to read more! Congrats on being an Aunt!

    -Emily M

  2. French kissing and clapping and cheering? XD Wow. Adventures. XD

    (This is Regina, btw. ;))