Friday, March 8, 2013

Dublin City Explorations

Our first dreary morning in Dublin. We walked along the river towards the sea.
 The view from across the Liffy River.
 The Photographer taking Photos. :) We kept suppressing squeals of excitement because we are in FREAKING Ireland. :D It is still surreal.
 They had funky little bridges crossing over the Liffy River. When I first smelled the sea I was so excited!
 More randomness from along the quays.
 Me by the Liffy. Trying to fit in with the Dubliners. :) It may not have been working.
 Our epic view from our hostel window, which we left open cuz the vents weren't working in our hostel room and it got all humid and nasty in there if we didn't. The sound of the rain on the roof mixed with the traffic noises below.
 Still from our window, down the quay.
 Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. We went to our first Evensong yesterday night. It was really awesome. I wouldn't have thought the plain reading and singing of Scriptures could be so epic and moving.
Anyways, since it is Friday evening, all the hostels in the area just doubled in price. We didn't plan that so well, and we hadn't booked anything past last night, so this morning, we got kicked out of the hostel. We decided it was cheaper and more fun to just head off to Belfast by train, so that's what we did in the early afternoon.  Belfast is the birth place of C.S. Lewis for those of you who didn't know. :)

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  1. Eeeeeee! I love reading these posts. It's so exciting seeing the pictures you guys take! Keep it up. ^_^