Thursday, June 3, 2010

Franz Josef glacier

On the way to Franz Josef glacier, a stream heading out to the sea.
A peek of ice from a distance, the glacier looks like a huge dam break suddenly frozen in time.
A stream of melting ice flows from underneath the glacier.
Beautiful waterfall nearby the glacier.
Like a postcard, it looked so beautiful.
yes, I did go past here, the signs were just too funny to take seriously. But...there was ice fall, and it was pretty scary looking, just random and always moving ice walls.
I ran all the way to the glacier, about 10 k there and another 4 k hike to get out to the glacier. It was raining and very cold if you weren't moving, so I probably was warmer then most of the people going to see the glacier in their raincoats, rain pants, and umbrellas.
Going back. The icy cold glacier fed river runs just outside of the township of Franz Josef. These mountains, wrapped in mist, looked so beautiful in the rain.

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