Thursday, June 3, 2010

NZ backpacker meals

First day in Rotorua, Jak was eating a can of spaghetti and boiled carrots and pumpkin. Jak thought the noodles looked like worms, and they didn't taste so good either once she had that thought in her head.
Joe's meal on the other hand, was a work of art, perfectly fried potato wedges, carrot slices and slices of steak.
Jak's meal, served up with a glass of lemon Lift.
Joe's meal took a little longer, because of it's more complex deliciousness.
The perfect hearty meal for a genius chef. ;)
Jak busy on her 2nd try of making pepernoden. First time she added too much milk and they flattened like regular cookies. They were delicious, but not right, so she tried again. Jak and Joe were finally sick of them by the 3rd try.
Immediately after removal from oven, but again, a little too big when Jak formed them, so they were too big when they spread out while baking. :(
Success!!! The 3rd try, and they turned out just perfect, small, crunchy, and amazing. :)
In kiwi country, Katikati, we made sure we kept up with our fruit intake in a classy way with a pretty desert consisting of regular kiwi, golden kiwi, and mandarin oranges.
We poured an old kiwi favorite (according to the package) over the fruit, vanilla custard. mmmhhhm!



    I'm GONNA DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That was epic and congrats on the cookies! You'll have to make them again when you come home!


  2. haha, i did this post just for you! but it was so fun, that I am taking pictures of lots more food items and will post those too! thanks for encouraging me to do that!