Friday, June 18, 2010

Thailand - a sampling.

From my hotel balcony first morning, 0530.

On the way into the city by way of taxi, first time riding in a taxi, I figured maybe I could walk, obviously not knowing anything about Bangkok, it took the taxi more then an hour to get to Chinatown.
And then...of course, the guest house I had thought I was going to was unavailable so I went for a very long walk looking for other accommodation. And this is what I looked like when I finally arrived.
My room. No sheets, just a cot and chair/table, drying rack for clothes and a fan. Very basic but for 180 baht (about 6 dollars) and it being my own room, it is good.
Street vendor food! A fish, if you can't tell. I am on the roof of the guest house, a very nice little covered area.
Me eating it. :P
This is the bathroom. That one high shower is the shower for showers and that little sprayer is for other things. :P Let's just say there is no toilet paper.
Second morning, again 0530, I am still jetlagged, but getting up that early means I get to see the monks in their funky orange robes on their alms journeys to all the street vendors.

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