Friday, June 18, 2010

street food/feeding the birds at Chatuchak Park

an awesome pink apple from china.
Rice ball + mystery meat on a stick. tasted like jerky, and i don't think it was suppose to have, but it was pretty decent.
That's what I thought of it.
After a morning out. Back with donut like things, bubble tea sans bubbles, hmmm, forgot what else.
This is cheese bread, but it was not cheese bread, it was light and fluffy, sweet and had some kind of sugary gel on it. tasted a bit like mayo. ^_-
Today I went to Chatuchak Park by way of the underground railway.
It is a very quiet and cold underground, a nice change from the crazy noise and heat outside.
Chatuchak Park has lots of bridges and boats on the water.
Strange mushrooms!
Lunch - street vendor sausages, two varieties: fish, and noodle. Noodle sausages? yeah, they were actually very good! And got served with baby cucumbers.
As I sat in the park eating my lunch I was approached 3 times by various older ladies asking me to rent a mat so I could take a nap under the tree. I said no, but the first one managed to pressure me into buying food for the birds, 3 bags of it! and the other sold me a bottle of water.
Well I was popular for about 5 minutes while the food lasted.
DON'T Pick the FLOWERS, and DON'T smoke, cuz we will slap you with a 2000 baht FINE!
Yeah, stop killing people.
Back home again.
I like this sign. :)


  1. Hey Jak,
    Hey what happened to your 'face jewelry'?;)

  2. got removed due to the realization that I didn't need a lip ring to be 'cool'. ha! how's that for maturity?