Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rotorua - Katikati

I (Jak) spend 3 weeks in Rotorua NZ, working at Spa Lodge backpackers. Rotorua is a highly active geothemeral area, with lots of boiling mud pools and steaming pools. The area is very cool, in the center of a very old volcano. A lake now fills the main crater, but pretty much anywhere in Rotorua you can see the edges of the crater all around. I attended New Heights Baptist Church in Holdens Bay, about 8 k out of Rotorua. I met several very awesome families there, and was warmly welcomed. I stayed over at an older couple's home over my last weekend, Lesley and Clyde Dominey, and I received many good recipes and lots of valuable advice about my future travels. The Dominey's son Simon and his wife Jacqui have 5 girls and 1 boy. They spend quite a bit of time with us as well, it was great fun talking about the differences between America and NZ. Also we found that we shared interests in John Piper and Mark Driscoll. :D How random is that? In the middle of NZ, I'm finding people to talk to about preachers I love to listen to.
Anyways, the time spend with their darling children was made me very homesick, I thought of my two youngest sisters, and missed them very much.

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