Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wellington Ferry ride

On the ferry waiting for it to leave. The thing took longer to load up then an airplane!
Artsy shots by Joe of various elements of the ship.
Picton harbor - a small lovable township that connects the South Island with the North Island.
View from the otherside of the boat.
Finally we were off! The ferry was super slow though, apparently to add to the scenicness of the ride.
From the observation deck, it was very windy and rainy up top.
The Queen Charlotte Sound was very narrow and quite beautiful, though I can see it being very dangerous on a foggy day.
More artistic talent from Joe shown by pictures of the lifeboats.
Jak squinting in the wind and trying to look clever.
One of the outdoor balconies.
Joe looking thoughtful on the observation deck, the coast of the North Island is in front of him.
Windy Wellington in the distance, the rain started right on cue as Wellington came into sight.
It was pouring by the time we landed. The ferry ride lasted about 3 hours and took us over 92 k of water.

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