Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kiwi picking

Kiwis grow similar to grapes, hanging downwards off the vines. They are picked while they are still unripe, so there is no need to be gentle with the fruit. we just throw it into the apron bags.
Each bin, behind Joe, is worth anywhere from 12 dollars to 16 dollars. Each 'gang' of pickers divides that money among them all. An ideal gang is 10 to 12 pickers, because they aren't getting in each others way, but they still have enough people to fill the bins quickly.

One day we picked for 9 hours and got almost 150 bins filled. Boy does that make you sore! Most of the weight of the aprons is on your shoulders and back, and reaching up to get the fruit puts even more strain on the shoulders. But nice paycheck that day!

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